Meghalaya - ‘The Abode of Clouds’, is carved from Assam on January 21, 1972. Meghalaya consists of Khasi hills, Jaintia Hills and Garo Hills. The capital Shillong, a famous hill station, is often referred to as the Scotland of the East. The state is surrounded by Assam and share international border with Bangladesh. It is spread over an area of 22429 sq. km. Its altitudes ranges from 150m to 2000m. Meghalaya has a moderate and humid climate. It is the wettest state in India with some areas receiving rainfall as high as 1200 cm annually. Mawsynram receives the highest rainfall. The subtropical forests have the diverse varieties of flora and fauna. There are ‘sacred groves’ in the forests which are reserved for religious rituals and the tribes living there protect them from any exploitation. These sacred groves have a lot of rare plants like Nepenthes khasiana – a pitcher plant,  Blue Banda (Vanda Coerulea) and Lady’s Slipper. The maximum temperature recorded in Tura (west Garo Hills) is 34°C and Shillong (Khasi Hills) is 28°C.


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