Assam is one of the seven sister states of India in the Norteast with an area of 78438 sq Km with an population of 31 million. It is called the gateway to the seven sisters, which is surrounded by all the seven states viz: Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram and Tripura.  It also shares international border with Bangladesh and Bhutan. The major language of the state is Assamese with co – official language viz: English, Bodo. Assam is known for its Assam Tea(Camelia Sinensis Asamica) and Assam silk(Muga – Golden Silk, Eri and Pat – Creamy white.). It is among the richest bioversity zone in the world.It is the home of One horned Indian Rhinoceros, pygmy hog.Because of the tropical rainforest and deciduous forest it looks green all year round. The main river of Assam is the Brahmaputra River, which originates from the Angi glacier as Yarlung Tsangpo in Tibetean Pleateau enters India in Arunachal Pradesh as Dihang/Siang and in Assam it is called as the Brahmaputra. It ends in the bay of Bengal with the name as “Jamuna” and as it merges with Padma it is called Meghna. The length of the river is 2880 kms.  Assam has a rich tradition of dances and folk music. One of the national dance of Sattriya is originated from Assam and it was initially choreograph by ‘Mahapurukh Sankardev’. The state dance is the Bihu Dance, dances are like ‘Bagorumba’ of ‘Boro’, ‘Kenken’ of ‘Karbis’ are the other major dances. The last rulers of Assam, before british annexed it were the ‘Ahoms’. They ruled here for almost 600 years but later because of the Burmese invasion, the king of ahom sought help from British and later it was marked as the end of Ahom rule and beginning of British rule in Assam until 1947.

Symbolism in Assam represents belief, pride and identity of the local communities. ‘Tamulpan/Guapan’ (Raw aredanut and betel Leaves), ‘Xoria(Offering tray made out of bell metal)’, ‘Gamusa’(White scarf with red coloured texture on the both elongated sides and this culture is believed to an original austro-asiatic culture.

The temperature here varies from 36 – 4 Celsius. Summers are wet here with unexpected rains but winters are totally dry.


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