Glimpse of Tripura (7 days)

Tripura claims a prominent place in North East India for her exquisite natural beauty spots punctuated with lush green sylvan treasure. The luxuriant forests of Jampui, the premier one among the 6 principal hill ranges of Tripura provides a life time’s exhilarating experience for the travelers.

Places Visiting : Agartala – Vanghmun - Jampui Hills - Vanghmun – Dharmanagar - Neermahal – Agartala -

Highlight :

Hike in the Jampui Hills

The stunning sculptures of Unakoti

Discover the delicious local cuisine

The romantic Neermahal

Few Glimpse

Tribes of Tripura (8 days)

Tripura is one tiny states of India which has a diverse mixture of culture in course of time. The name Tripura has many speculations but most popular is ‘tui’ (water) + ‘pra’ (near). It’s a land of diverse tribes: ‘Reang’, ‘Uchui’, ‘Tripuri’, ‘Santal’, ‘Noati‘, ‘Mog’ ,‘Lushai’ and many communities from mainstream India have come to Tripura and settled down here. This trip is designed for enthusiastic travelers who are more into photography or tribal knowledge tours who like to go into the place and have a firsthand experience of knowing the place. Regarding food, Tripura do have some exotic cuisines like Kosoi Butui, Muya bai wahan, Gudok. They have a local fermented drink ‘Chuak’ for their social occasions and ceremonies.

Places Visiting : Agartala – Rupaichhari-Bagafa – Udaipur-Kumarghat – Kanchanpur – Jampui Hills -Kaishahar

Highlight :

Discover the tribes of Tripura

Visit the royal houses of Tripura Kingdom

Taste the local cuisines and can enjoy the different dances of the tribes

Few Glimpse


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