Aoling Monyu Festival (9 days)

The Aoling Monyu Festival is the annual ‘Spring Festival’ of the Konyaks, the once feared headhunting tribe who reside in the Mon district of Nagaland. It marks the end of winter with the completion of the sowing season by March end, and heralds the New Year.


Stretching over six days, this festival provides an excellent insight into the rich cultural heritage of the Konyaks who certainly still know how to celebrate their culture. Bright orange beading, dramatic headdresses made out of horns and feathers, hours of traditional song and dance, and of course copious amounts of the traditional rice beer was consumed during the festival.


Guns, with real gunpowder, go off at all times – these are symbolic of their headhunting days of the past. Konyaks have been making their own guns and gunpowder long before coming in contact with the outside world.


The festival is celebrated in villages across the district with no defined schedule. You have to ask around about events taking place when you get there.

Places Visiting : Dibrugarh – Mon - Chui – Longwa - Mokokchung – Jorhat

Highlight :

Discover the tribes of Nagaland

Experience the Aoling Monyu Festival of the Konyaks

Visit the house of the king in Longwa which is half in India and half in Burma

Drink a lot of rice beer

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Hornbill Festival (10 days)

A narrow strip of mountainous territory with rugged hills, emerald valleys, sparkling streams and a rich variety of flora and fauna, the 16th State of the Indian Union has salubrious climate throughout the year. It is bounded by Assam in the west, Myanmar in the east, Arunachal Pradesh in the north and Manipur in the south. Sometimes referred to as the `Switzerland of the East', Nagaland represents unimaginable beauty, moulded perfectly for a breathtaking experience. For the adventurous, the State is an ideal place for trekking and jungle camping and offers limitless possibilities for exploring its lush sub-tropical rainforests, which are a treasure trove of medicinal plants. The 20-lakh-strong Naga people, by nature, are fun lovers, and life in Nagaland is one long festival.


The Hornbill festival held in the first week of December shows that with its stunning natural beauty and great cultural traditions, Nagaland can offer a rich fare to travellers. Fondly known as the “Festival of festivals”, the annual event was conceived as a tourism promotion activity at Kisama, (which is about 10 Km from the capital Kohima). The location is called Naga Heritage Village at Kisama, where one can enjoy the Naga lifestyle and culture, food, music and tradition of each of those 18-20 clans, all at the at same place. Besides the usual showcasing of Naga dance, music, art, ethnic foods, handlooms and handicrafts, many other interesting contests and activities are organized. 

Places Visiting : Dibrugarh – Sibsagar – Mon - Mokokchung – Tuophema - Kohima – Jorhat -

Highlight :

Discover the diverse dances and culture of Northeast

Taste the variety of cuisines

Enjoy the many events of Hornbill Festival

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Moatsu Mong Festival (7 days)

Moatsu Mong Festival is celebrated during the first week of May every year by the Ao tribe. Various rites and rituals are performed during this period. The festival is observed after the sowing is done. The festival time provides the people a period of activity and entertainment after the stressful work of clearing fields, burning jungles and sowing seeds. The Moatsu festival is marked by singing song and dance. The whole festival is observed only for three days. Sangpangtu, is one of the main celebration where a big fire is lit and men and women adorned with best attire sit around it. Women serve the wine and meat to the attendees. Rice-beer is prepared and all the reared pigs and cows are slaughtered during the festival. Women weave the traditional garments and adorn themselves with traditional jewellery. Women join men in dancing, eating, drinking and composing warrior songs.

Places Visiting : Jorhat – Mokokchung - Tuophema – Khonoma – Kohima -

Highlight :

Encounter the most diverse tribal land of India

Discover the tradition, music and dances of the tribesmen along with enjoying the festival among the locals

Stay in Local Naga cottages

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Sekrenyi Festival (10 days)

Sekrenyi is the main festival of Angami Nagas. It is mainly celebrated in Kohima on February and lasts 10 days. The Festival is associated with a series of rituals and ceremonies. The first among the series of rituals is "Kizie". The lady of the house takes few drops of rice water from the top of the jug which is called "Zumho", and puts it into leaves and placed them at the three main posts of the house. The first day of the festival starts with all young and old men going to the village well for bathing. During the night, the well is cleaned by two young men. After the cleaning of the well is over, some of the village youths guard the well at night so that no one fetches water after cleaning the well. The womenfolk particularly are not allowed to fetch water from the well. All the young men of the village take a bath in the well in the next morning. The whole process of bathing is carried out in a ceremonial manner by the men of the village. 


The most interesting part of the Sekrenyi Festival is the Thekra Hie, where the young people sit together and sing traditional songs. During the celebration jugs of rice beer and meat is served to the participants. The seventh day of the festival is reserved for hunting for the young men.


This trip is a once-in-a-lifetime experience ideal for adventurous travelers who are comfortable with long scenic drives and rustic accommodations


Places Visiting : Dibrugarh – Mon - Mokokchung - Tuophema - Khonoma – Jorhat

Highlight :

Discover the magnificent tribes of Nagaland

Attend the Sekrenyi festival of Angamis

Enjoy lush tropical forests, waterfalls, and the exotic beauty of tropical birds and flowers

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