Tribes of Nagaland

This journey takes you across Nagaland from east to west. You will visit the verdant hills of Mon where the once-headhunters Konyak Tribe live in all their pride and fierceness. You will visit various villages and get to learn more about Konyak Naga culture. Explore Longwa, a town which is half in Burma and half in India. Head to Tuensang where six different tribes (Sangtam, Khiamniungan, Phom, Chang, Yimchunger and Sumi) inhabit this picturesque land, interspersed with gorges, ridges, hills and valleys. The different customs and practices of the tribes are representative of their tradition. Moving along, you will visit the intellectual and cultural capital of Nagaland - Mokokchung, where the fascinating Ao Tribe live. You will get to see surrounding villages and visit Ao traditional houses, thus learning more about them. The tour will end in the Angami Tribe regions of Kohima and around, where you can stay in home stay, visiting villages and historic remains of WW2.

Places Visiting : Dibrugarh – Mon - Tuensang – Mopungchuket - Touphema – Khonoma - Kohima – Dimapur

Highlight :

Drive through scenic mountain roads

Explore Mon, home to the Konyak Tribe, once fierce tattooed headhunters

Discover tribal houses, learn about Naga cultures and interact with tribesmen

Few Glimpse


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