Kaziranga Escapade (4 days)

Discover the wilderness of Kaziranga National Park, through grasslands and teeming forests. Watching wildlife in Kaziranga is similar to Africa, with wide beautiful landscapes that offer breathtaking views. You may also visit villages of the tribes who live a sustainable lifestyle much connected to Kaziranga.

Lying across the mighty Brahmaputra River and covering an area of 430 Km², the park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985. The one-horned Indian rhinoceros that roamed the north Indian plains in the wetlands of the Indus, Ganges and the Brahmaputra centuries ago now survives only in the north-eastern Assam and in the neighbouring Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh.

Kaziranga is one of the few wild breeding areas outside Africa for multiple species of large cats, such as Indian Tigers and Leopards. Kaziranga was declared a Tiger Reserve in 2006 and has the highest density of tigers in the world (one per five km²), with a population of 125, as per the 2014 census. Other felids include the Jungle Cat, Fishing Cat, and Leopard Cats.

Places Visiting : Guwahati – Kaziranga NP

Highlight :

Explore Kaziranga National Park, a world famous wildlife reserve, home to a bewildering diversity of animals and birds

Spot the one-horned rhino

Visit tribal villages, tea gardens and craft shops

Few Glimpse

Manas Escapade (4 days)

Against the backdrop of the Eastern Himalayas lies a grass and jungle habitat of unparalleled beauty. The Manas forest extends on both sides of the the enchanting Manas River (named after the serpent goddess Manasa) and presents one of earth's most timeless vistas. A herd of elephants may silently make an appearance on the distant opposite bank, lending a touch of the ethereal to an earthly paradise. Little wonder why Manas was chosen by UNESCO to be a World Heritage site in 1988.  It also earned the status of Biosphere Reserve in 1989.


In this tour, you will get a chance to explore this wildlife haven. An incredible chance to witness many wild species; among which common are elephants, deers, leopards and if lucky, an occasional tiger. You will go for short hikes for bird-watching, and get to interact with the tribal people who live sustainably around the national park. Staying in cottages run by ex-poachers, you will be supporting them in their endeavors for conservation and community development.

Places Visiting : Guwahat - Manas NP

Highlight :

Enjoy many activities in Manas National Park

Explore an amazing richness of natural wealth

Discover community living in the outskirts of the national park and witness their sustainable lifestyle

Few Glimpse


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