Dree Festival (10 days)

This program introduces you to the Apatani tribe of Arunachal Pradesh, which is one of the benevolent people of the area and worship Donyi-Polo (Sun and Moon). The Apatani tribe has a long cycle of agricultural rites and festivals. The agricultural rites or festivals of the tribe begin by sacrificing domestic fowls, animals and eggs at different times, starting from the sowing to the harvesting periods to ensure a bumper yield of crops in the year. This festival is organized to appease Gods; Tamu for protection of crops from pest and insect, Metii for rejecting famine and disease, Danyi for protection and prosperity of mankind and Harniang for keeping the soil stable and wet for the paddies. The spot for the festival is selected by the priest and is decorated with branded bamboos. Women prepare lots of local beers called Apong distributed among the community.


You will also discover the major tribes of Arunachal Pradesh (Adis, Akas, Apatanis, Bungnis, Nishis, Mishmis, Mijis, Thangsos…) and visit their villages which will give you an insight into the tribal way of life.

Places Visiting : Dibrugarh – Ziro - Daporijo – Along - Pasighat

Highlight :

Experience the colorful Dree Festival

Discover the lifestyle of the Apatani tribe

Cross the mighty Brahmaputra in ferry and spot the Gangetic dolphins

Few Glimpse

Losar in Tawang (8 days)

In Arunachal Pradesh, Losar is celebrated by the Monpas who are a majority in Tawang. Belonging to the Mongoloid stock, the Monpas are mainly into agriculture and animal husbandry. Before the advent of the festival, people can be seen cleaning their homes and discarding all unused and old items. It is believed that by doing so one can usher in good health, peace and prosperity to the house. 


Commemorating the advent of the new year, Losar is the occasion for the Monpas to feast, drink and make merry. Relatives and friends get together and celebrate this festival in a very pompous manner. The festival of Losar falls in the end of February or early March and is celebrated for 8 - 15 days. Indeed, the joie-de-vivre that characterizes this festival is simply fascinating.

Places Visiting : Guwahati – Nameri NP - Dirang – Tawang - Bomdila.

Highlight :

Drive through Sela pass which was once a Tibetan border

Enjoy the Buddhist New Year festival “Losar” among the Mahayana believers

Explore Asia’s second largest monastery

Few Glimpse

Mopin Festival (9 days)

The Adi Gallongs in the Along-Basar-Bame areas celebrate Mopin festival in the first five days of April. Mopin is thought to bring wealth and prosperity to the village but also drive the evil shadow away and receive the blessing of God for universal happiness. During this festival, the Adi Gallong villages come alive with the dancing and chanting of their rhythmic songs made livelier by smearing of rice powder on each other’s faces. The Mopin festival plays an important role in the cultural history of the Gallong tribe.

Places Visiting : Dibrugarh – Pasighat - Along

Highlight :

Be a part of Adi Galo society to enjoy the Mopin Festival

Meet Adi Galo people, eat local food and drink rice beer

Cross the mighty Brahmaputra River on a ferryof past hunting glories and change of lifestyle

Few Glimpse

Myoko Festival (6 days)

Apatanis of Ziro in Arunachal Pradesh celebrate the Myoko festival in March every year. They attach importance to this festival as they have this age-old belief that by performing the rituals they can ensure fertility, both in the fields and in its people. Another aspect is the firm conviction that they can promote and strengthen family, clan and inter-village ties.


Sacrifice of livestock like pigs and chicken form a major part of the festival as also the rituals performed by the village Shaman or priest. There is dancing and merry making by the village folk, taking out processions in their traditional dresses are some of the features of the festival.

Places Visiting : Guwahati – Nameri NP - Ziro – Tezpur

Highlight :

Witness the rituals of the Myoko Festival

Taste the local cuisine

Interact with Apatanis and listen to their stories of past hunting glories and change of lifestyle

Few Glimpse

Solung Festival (6 days)

Solung is one of the most popular festivals in Arunachal Pradesh that is celebrated by the Adis of on beginning of September every year. It is an agro-based festival, but it also reflects the socio-religious features of the people. There are three main parts in the celebration of this festival, which includes Limir-Libom, the first part and the sacrificial day; Binnyat, the second part, the ritual offering to goddess of crops, Kine Nane; and Ekop (also called Taktor), the ritual made for protection against harms by evil spirits by appeasing to Gumin-Soyin, the household guardian, and Doying Bote, god of wisdom and human welfare.


Local beers “Apong” is prepared, animals are sacrificed and exchanged among the people for good will and good wishes. This program takes you inside the community so that you can blend among them and enjoy the best of it.

Places Visiting : Dibrugarh – Pasighat

Highlight :

Experience the Solung Festival and interact with the Adi community

Enjoy local cuisine

Cross the mighty Brahmaputra by ferry

Few Glimpse


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