Ziro Escapade (6 days)

Spread from 1700 to 2400 m high, the wide-open landscape of the Ziro Valley is an earthly paradise. Lush, pond filled open expanses of paddy and millet are dotted with hills covered in pine and bamboo.

Ziro is home to the tribal group called the Apatanis who are one amongst very few tribes in the world who worship nature (sun & moon). They are famous for their unique methods of sustainable farming and social forestry. Apatani cultural landscape even features in tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage Site for "extremely high productivity" and "unique" way of preserving ecology. 

Apart from falling in love with the mesmerizing and mysterious landscape, there are other things you can do in Ziro: participate in the daily activities of the communities, listen to folk stories from the local storytellers, learn about the animist customs of the tribe, visit the markets, taste the tribal cuisine, go hiking to the nearby jungles and villages, bird-watching and fishing in the many fresh streams.

Places Visiting : Dibrugarh – Ziro -

Highlight :

Explore the beautiful Ziro Valley

Discover the Apatanis and their unique lifestyle

Cross the mighty Brahmaputra by ferry

Few Glimpse


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